NEP US Supports NFL 2018

NEP’s NFL Support by the Numbers

This Season, the NFL will play 256 games over the course of 17 weeks, and NEP will support roughly 65% of those games, deploying an average of 28 mobile units a week to stadiums around the country.  

Here is a quick look at our support by the numbers:

Our history supporting the NFL goes back more than 30 years, starting with supporting coverage of Sunday Night Football in 1987.

This season, we will support coverage of:

  • 49 pre-season games for national broadcasters, teams and regional networks around the country
  • 166 regular season games on national networks
  • 7 post season games
  • The Pro Bowl
  • The Super Bowl – including shoulder programming

Weekly, we are in compounds at an average of 10 venues with a total of 28 trailers around the country.

Our staff in the field includes 1 tech manager, 40 engineers and 28 drivers on site working on games each week.

Our NFL support team back at the home office includes 27 people on dedicated client account teams including people from Account Management, Operations, Scheduling, Fleet, Shop and Maintenance departments supporting these packages daily and ensuring that things run smoothly.

Our mobile units will drive a collective average of roughly 20,000 miles per week for an estimated 340,000+  total miles during the regular season.

For the start of the season, we designed and built in-house 2 new support trucks EN1-E and ND1-D – and have integrated dozens of technology upgrades across the fleet for our clients.

In addition to the equipment compliment that ride on our mobile units, our team at Bexel will provide auxiliary equipment for clients week after week, including:

  • 4 sideline audio cart packages
  • 17 sideline talent packages with a variety of equipment including lights, audio and RF monitors
  • 10 transmission fiber/fiber transport packages
  • 8 ENG support packages
  • 10 monitor packages
  • A myriad of other equipment packages including RF, lenses, PA systems, super slo-mo packages, microphones and more

Click here to see how our team Bexel ESS is supporting the NFL this season.

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