RF Solutions

We cover any area you need, from communications to audio, video, and data. Whether it is a one-camera shoot or large multi-venue production, aerial or on the ground, our turn-key RF solutions are customized to match each broadcast.  

We have a 48000+ square foot facility that houses our engineering, microwave, UHF, fiber, and machine shops - along with our 13 fully equipped RF trailers.  We offer leading customer service, highly skilled staff, advanced proprietary technology, and the capability to customize on the fly, which allows us to bring the most innovative solutions to every show we support.

We provide our Wireless and RF solutions through our two world-renowned brands:


Wireless Communications

We provide a variety of wireless communications solutions - From PL to IFB we have wireless communications solutions that tie into your communications infrastructure seamlessly, ensuring that your teams are in touch no matter how large of an area you need to cover.


Wireless Audio

We offer diverse wireless audio solutions including:

  • Proprietary belt pack transmitters for EFX Mics & Talent packs
  • Custom Handheld transmitters (Blue Steel Microphone in 1.4 GHz) for Talent handheld mics
  • Fully integrated Wireless Mic & IFB system Talent Packs

Wireless Video

Customized wireless video solutions able to fit any size show, from single camera systems to the largest most complicated productions. Specialized solutions include:

  • Proprietary Real Freedom Transmitter capable of 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 4K
  • On-board camera systems
  • Integrated camera control systems
  • Quad 3G UHD  / HDR Wireless solutions

Wireless Data

We offer a UHF data system compatible with many Sony, Thomson, Ikegami, and Panasonic cameras.

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