Mediatec Solutions continues its long partnership with Roskilde Festival, one of Europe's largest and most respected festivals. It's just another example of the NEP Worldwide Network of companies bringing talent, innovation and technology together to make a great live event experience.

Mediatec Denmark delivered screens and OB for Imag screens, while NEP Germany delivered OB setup for live broadcast on five stages for Mediatec Solutions Denmark delivered in total:

  • 616 square metres of LED screen, both modular LED screens and mobile LED screen
  • 6 cameras
  • 2 flight packs for IMAG-screens and 1 HD flight pack for NEP Germany's broadcast service
  • Technical crew to support the entire operation

Orange Stage: 

  • 2 side screens AOTO8, each 70sqm, portrait shape
  • 1 backdrop screen, RADIANT MC12, 72sqm, made in columns, so it can “fold” away to the sides for quick band load in.
  • OB-Imag production

Arena Stage:

  • 2 side screens AOTO8, each 24smq, 16:9 format
  • 1 backdrop screen, GLUX BA10, 72smq
  • OB-Imag production

Apollo Stage: 

  • 1 backdrop screen, GLUX BA10, 60,5sqm
  • OB-Broadcast Flight Pack for NEP Germany.

Street Stage: 

  • 1 56sqm video trailer 16:9
  • 1 OB production

Countdown Stage 

  • 1 backdrop, RADIANT MC12

Avalon Stage: 

  • 2 side screens, AOTO8, 6sqm, used as security info-signs


  • Multiple LCD screens on signal distribution
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