WWE 1, 2, 3


NEP launched a trio of state-of-the-art, double-expando trucks for WWE on April 29 in Hartford, Connecticut. Building on recently launched SSCBS and EN2 mobile units (for CBS Sports and ESPN, respectively), NEP has worked closely with WWE to customize the new trucks for its unique needs.

Named WWE 1, 2, and 3, the trio features a unique layout and a wide array of technology not found in typical mobile systems. WWE-1 houses production and GFX, recording, video and engineering. WWE-2 houses a second production room, four audio rooms, flex areas for IT, TM and additional engineering space. The third trailer serves as maintenance, flex space and hauler for a large number of venue systems. The trio features an IP production router, fully tapeless workflow, a significant Dante IP audio and comms network, as well as a much larger footprint and more-agile workspace compared with Red and Black, the former WWE trucks.

“We’re not completely a sports show—it’s a hybrid entertainment/sports platform,” said Duncan Leslie, SVP, event technical operations for WWE. “But, it’s going to be extremely powerful. It gives us the ability to flex when we have a large show. We were completely maxed out for WrestleMania; to quote our engineer, 'our routers were at 115% capacity'. We have basically outgrown the rather powerful infrastructure that Red and Black afforded us. We’re growing, and these trucks will be able to grow with us.”

Building three trucks of this complexity was a challenge for NEP, but as usual, the team worked hard to get it done.

“It’s been a year since the beginning of meetings, spreadsheets, drawings, budgets, and then, of course, many changes,” said Mike Werteen, co-president of NEP’s U.S. Mobile Units. “I’m sure there were a few smiles seeing the tail lights of WWE 1, 2, and 3 leaving the facility. The team should be very proud of the accomplishments of the past year, which culminated in a perfect first show last month.”

The project was led by Joe Signorino, VP of NEP Systems Integration; system design by Martin Eibeck and Michael Naugle; and mechanical design by Dan Farrell and Eric Naugle. “This was a challenging project for us from many perspectives,” said Joe. “The venue support systems alone, which included 50 racks and workstations, were quite complex and more involved than a lot of larger support trucks, adding considerable complexity to the overall system design and build out. I am very proud of the way the SI team performed individually, but equally, if not more importantly, as a group to achieve the common goal of a very successful rollout.”

“We are very proud of the Systems Integrations Team, and everyone’s contribution to this project is truly appreciated,” said Glen Levine, Co-President of NEP U.S. Mobile Units. “They have once again designed and constructed one of the finest state-of-the-art mobile units in the world. WWE is an important and challenging client, and after an extremely successful first week, a very happy client as well."

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